Intermediate diploma in communication design

The only remaining traces of a film: a draft of a screenplay, a sketchbook by a production designer, and a folder of obscure making-of images showing set pictures of "dusty scenarios." "As the Dust settles" is a fictional story loosely based around the 1937 "Fox Studio" fire in which over 75% of the silent film heritage was lost due to improper storage. Through the letters of an imaginary set designer, the book provides a glimpse into its creation and mystery, leaving it up to the viewer to determine what the actual contents are. A fake "physically aged" archive of drawings, subtitles, and found images blurs the lines between forgery and real events.

Title: As The Dust Settles
Medium: book design, video
Year: 2023
Supervising Prof.: James Langdon/ Isabel Seiffert


Cédric Weber is currently studying at the University of Design in Karlsruhe and worked as a freelancer and student assistant for the DFG Project Adaptive Bilder".

2019: HfG Karlsruhe (DE)
2011-2018: Lycée Classique Aline Mayrisch (LU) "Section arts plastiques (E)"

2023: (Soon) Ravisius Textor Summer School 2013, Nevers (FR)
2023: "As The Dust Settles" at the HfG Karlsruhe
2022: Workshop "Can We Speak In Flowers?" by Josse Pyl
2020: Video installation at "The Mall" organised by Camp Culture (LU)
2019: Internship at "Rose de Claire, design"