Pre-Diploma Media Art

Enna Will's Knowledge is the first show format by multi-performative artist Enna Erben. With a daring leap into the depths of humanity, her show brings to light the multi-layered facets of shame. She reveals the hidden treasures of embarrassment with a look at the mechanisms behind it. At the end of the show, one feels not only entertained, but also somehow liberated. Because Enna Erben shows us that shame is a human phenomenon that connects us all.

Title: Enna Wills Knowledge
Medium: Late-night show / performance with text, music, video and dance
Year: 2023
Supervising Prof.: Charlotte Eifler/ Diana McCarty


Luise Peschko has been studying media art at the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design since 2020. In addition to her artistic activities, she also works as an event technician, among others at the Badisches Staatstheater. She uses the media of literature/language, performance, sound and video in a collage-like manner. Her works are permeated by her exact and sensitive view of her immediate environment, the tracing of points of friction there and the question of the possibilities for a good coexistence.