"Etwas Aufnehmen / To get in touch with" is a 30-minute interactive reading performance. It takes place at a 15 m long stone table, 80 kg of kinetic sand are spread on it. Among other things, the performance summarizes conversations with a blind artist, a tactile researcher and a translator of visual learning materials into a story, and also tells of a collaboration with a dog. What place does the sense of touch have in our perception to literally "grasp" things? "Etwas Aufnehmen / To get in touch with" questions our own perception and describes the urge for understanding.

Title: Etwas Aufnehmen / To get in touch with
Medium: 15 m long stone table, 80 kg kinetic sand, beamer mapping
Year: 2023
Supervising Prof.: James Langdon/ Ivan Weiss/ Michael Kryenbühl


Saskia van der Meer is a graphic designer with a passion for typography, performative and moving works in space, poster design and systems that I can decipher or develop myself. Currently I am interested in the visual sense of touch and why colorblind octopods can taste colors.