Semester work media art

How to Make PEBM+Jackson Disco Pollock consists of two video works. The first video is a demonstration of Hoin Ji's methodology from the TV show "Bob Ross Joy of Painting" to produce a painterly dance music. The second part of the work dives deeper into this procedure, referencing Jackson Pollock's "dripping" technique that the painter worked with as a disco-pop-like track. A repetitive oscillator melody emerges, which directly transforms the "dripping" directly into a circuit-based sound and features motion graphics in a retro format.

Title: conversation pieces
Medium: wood
Year: 2023
Supervising Prof.: James Langdon/ Celiné Condorelli


Before HfG, Hoin Ji studied painting and was obsessed with minimalism. Now he makes sound art based on the history of painting.He creates a typical dance music with his sound that has a liberation context and hints at the materiality of techniques of painting. The focus is on the exploration of comparative painting history, music genres, minimalism EBM (Electronic Body Music), materiality, self-reference and repetitiveness.