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Master Art History & Media Philosophy

This thesis is one of the first comprehensive art historical studies on the artist and art teacher Jef Geys (1934-2018), a protagonist of the Belgian neo-avant-garde. Her research focuses on his Kempens Informatieblad, a newspaper published by Geys between 1971 and 2018, which he used to distribute information as well as document and discuss his unbounded art practice. It is based on several years of intensive archival and material research as well as two exhibitions curated in dialogue with the artist and his estate, respectively, on the subject.

Title: Jef Geys, „wie es wirklich war“: Am Beispiel KempensInformatieblad. Geschichte einer Künstlerzeitung
Year: 2022
Supervising Prof.: Dr. Lioudmila Voropai/ Dr. Barbara Kuon


Moritz Nebenführ studied art history and philosophy in Karlsruhe and New York. He has organized exhibitions and events in changing institutional and independent contexts, including at Kunstverein München, Künstlerhaus Bremen, Badischer Kunstverein, and Projektraum Linden, which he co-founded with curator Gloria Hasnay in Düsseldorf. After a Curatorial Fellowship at Artists Space, New York, he accompanied the performance and exhibition cycles of artist Anne Imhof from 2016 to 2021. As BRUCH he works together with Lennart Boyd Schürmann et al. between visual and performing arts, most recently for example at Cabaret Voltaire/ Theater Neumarkt in Zurich, the NS Documentation Center Munich and the Münchner Kammerspiele.