Intermediate diploma in product design

A new 3D printing process developed specifically for this project allows free-form shapes to be printed from "exposed aggregate concrete". A controlled dosage of the material enables a resource-saving process that does without any supporting structures and allows previously impossible shapes. The stability of the prints can be compared to conventional exposed aggregate concrete. All the designs exhibited here show an unusual surface in combination with a clear language of form, their own aesthetics and real possibilities of use.

Title: Rock Solid
Medium: 3D printed exposed aggregate concrete
Year: 2023
Supervising Prof.: Chris Kabel/ Stefan Legner


In recent years, Lukas Dechau has been particularly interested in new material applications, manufacturing techniques and playful effects in design. Most of his work took place in the context of lighting or furniture. He was particularly influenced during his time at the HfG by the freedom they have in their projects.