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Term Paper Art Science & Media Philosophy

Based on the seminar "Desire and its Discontents" I wrote a term paper, which I developed further and translated into English for the new publication of the Department of Art History and Media Philosophy "Schwarm". Media Philosophy "Swarm", edited and translated into English. It is based on texts by sociologist Eva Illouz, from which I explain the concept of romantic utopia, discuss the process of romanticizing commodities, and examine the representation of relationships and love in film and television.

Title: The Romantic Utopia in Capitalism and Its Representation in Film and TV
Medium: Academic paper/ Essay
Year: 2023
Supervising Prof.: Sami Khatib


Ilayda Kohl, 22, is now in her 6th semester of media studies. Her focus is on feminist issues and criticism of capitalism. She also combined these issues with the topic "What is sexual capital" for her successfully passed intermediate exam last semester.