What remains is a portrait of a spot of earth.
What remains is the sound of the landscape.
What remains is the telling of a story.

In her cinematic narrative, Elenya Bannert deals with the concepts of age, forgetting, the demands of our current times, and a life that is nowadays so hard to come by.
Matteo is old, and lives alone on an Alpine pasture. He is, however, not completely alone; his cow reminds him from time to time that she needs milking. Reading has become difficult for Matteo, and he has also become a little forgetful and peculiar.

The final film shoot began in March 2017. The idyllic village of Soglio in the canton of Graubünden / Schweiz serves as the backdrop for the story.

In order to be able to deal with image, sound and narration equally, the film consequently rejects acting, and the story is told through the eyes of the daughter, bringing the narrative character of the story distinctly to the fore.

The emerging cinematic material appears documentary in an atmospheric way and encourages the viewer to confront individual phantasies.

Prof. Anja Dorn, Prof. Andreas Müller, Prof. Heike Schuppelius

Film narrative, 10 min.
Screenplay & Direction: Elenya Bannert
Camera: Tilmann Rödiger
Sound design: Max Lange
Music: Kalkhofer