The project City as Collection deals with the challenges and potentials of analogue and digital archiving and collection.
Using the system of card index boxes, the collection will be tested and the process of collection will be presented. The content touches on the city as well as the collection and archiving itself, and in this way it is perpetually expanded in an associative way. City and collection are analogous to each other and open up an infinite field for experimentation. Three boxes each with a hundred notes from the collection were given to three artists together with the instructions on how to work with them. The emerging artistic positions are displayed in the exhibition with some of the collection. The value of a collection is primarily based on how it is used. Each exhibition in their own way, makes a collection visible where it would otherwise have been shut off. Every exhibition is then a snapshot of the circulation process. The exhibition opens up a dialogue on the city, collection and archiving.

Interdisciplinary Research Project

Prof. Anja Dorn, Thomas Rustemeyer, Prof. Dr. Matthias Bruhn, Michael Bielicky

With artistic positions from:
Kilian Kretschmer, Katrin Lautenbach, Felicitas Wetzel

Location: 1st floor, middle light bridge, HfG Karlsruhe