After a short, unsuccessful search for the one, all-surpassing diploma project that was to astonish the world, Sophia Hamann decided to escape this pressure to do something she wanted to do. She remembered all the small, seemingly unimportant ideas that pop up in conversations with friends, on the train or confronted with everyday problems. Ideas that are otherwise never realized because they are too small, too absurd, too unimportant. She made a list of her own ideas as well as of others’ and stole from comics and books.

At 100 ideas she stopped collecting. On raids through the university and refuse, she obtained a collection of materials, got a work room with a deck chair and started on the implementation. The design rules she imposed were efficient, intuitive, and did not require intensive research or preparation. There were 30 objects. A selection of 17 works was made for the diploma exhibition. The objects were supplemented by a publication with collected texts, quotes, pictures and figures that accompanied Sophia Hamann during the course of her work. The content covers topics such as work, idleness, laziness, efficiency, sense and nonsense.