The work ich und die summarizes the research for Tatjana Pfeiffer's intermediate diploma in July 2017. In it, she deals with the vocabulary and visual language of German hip hop. The texts and music videos of this genre are charged with stereotypes in a variety of ways. Typicalto the genre, among other things, is the swaggering appearance of the artists, misogynist texts and violence in the videos. For a better overview, Pfeiffer divided the genre into four categories (mainstream, street, trap and conscious) and assigned 20 artists to each category. She then examined 80 texts and videos for recurring motifs and documented important sequences. The publication shows the frequency of occurring words within a song and arranges the songs alphabetically. The list is interrupted by a sequence of images when a word in the list describes the found motifs. The small pictures under the words also show when texts and videos match. Through the analysis, Tatjana Pfeiffer shows that there are striking similarities in the imagery of the videos, but that there are no noticeable accumulations in the language use. Some of the prejudices that exist about the genre are thus confirmed, at least on the visual level.

Sereina Rothenbergerund, Rebecca Stephany