In his diploma work, souvenir, Nico Butschbacher deals with the perception of people with dementia and dementia-friendly content design.

Together with various advanced stage dementia patients, he looked at the specially designed catalogs of images and text and tried to develop an understanding ofhow a person with dementia perceives the world.

First they looked at printed images - photos, pictograms and hand drawings. They then looked at the same pictures in digital form through differently designed videos and sound recordings. In this way, Nico Butschbacher slowly felt his way into the world of dementia perception.
Finally, he used the experience gained for his practical final work: the development of an app prototype for people with dementia. This app isnot intended as a helpful reminder, nor for the purpose of memory training. Through suitably designed.
illustrations and videos, sufferers can talk to a co-viewer about what they have seen, and communicate positively in this way.

The app aims to create variety in the everyday lives of people with dementia through image and sound, and to help those affected in facilitating communication with relatives or acquaintances, and, for example, to find that one forgotten word within a conversation.

Sereina Rothenberger, Urs Lehni and Hansjerg Maier-Aichen