The intermediate diploma in autumn 2016 presented us with the question ofpresentation and moreover, the presentation of your own work. Image, sound andvideo intertwine into a Form of Showingin a darkened presentation room. Memories stacked to tall and sometimes shorter word constructions, thread a loose narrative throughout the works. A pile of printed material ison the table, with a camera pointed towards it. Following the string of sentences, single pages from books are filmed, the zoom of the camera sinks into the posters, then back into full format, page turned, adding to the rhythm of the filming and reciting. The scenes appear on the large canvas behind the speaker’s desk. In place of the normal description, the language complements the projection associatively and sometimes directly then detaches again. The result is a twenty minute presentation of image and narrative, interrupted in the middle by a sound piece. A fragile choreography, a re-telling or also anextension ofan existing work that immerses the audience in its very atmosphere.