The two-channel video installation is about migration, in which two situations are considered and contrasted: migration from one country to another and migration to another planet. The feeling of anxiety before leaving and mental alienation are experienced by the characters of both stories. The reflections of the protagonists on their forthcoming journey make up the main narrative outline of the video installation. New technologies, through which it became possible not only to overcome distances with a single click but also to track the movement of another person, are intertwined with personal memories and with a description of the path itself, whose temporal experience cannot be digitized.

Adopting the structure of classic sci-fi movies, I make a hypothesis for the extra-terrestrial future as a constant migration process. Freed from the subjugation of gravity, the protagonists of the film are forced to find new fulcrum in a totality of black, blue or green. In a state of blurring borders between high and low, elusive and banal, political and aesthetic, it questions the human condition faced with new unknown spaces, whenever they might be.

Razvan Radulescu, Joao Tabarra, Vadim Fishkin, Anja Dorn