Thomas Busch’s diploma work "cubies" looks at the design, production, distribution and sales of wooden toy figures. The figures were originally created at the end of 2012 and were completely revised and expanded for this project in 2017.
"Cubies" are modular robots made of wooden blocks of different sizes, connected by magnets. The "cubies" family consists of five characters - Chas, Margot, Frank, Henry and Skinny - who are attributed with distinct characteristics. At the same time, the individual parts can be exchanged amongst the figures, so that ever new characters can emerge. in the current version, the wooden blocks are made of pear wood; a very dense, smooth wood with a pleasant feel. All figures are handmade and oiled twice for child-friendly surface protection. "Cubies" are for young and old, and are great as toys and as collectibles.
Also part of the diploma project was the development of the packaging, which consists of a printed folding carton box and a laser-cut corrugated cardboard insertion for the final version. A website with integrated webshop can be found at: