Children's rooms are versatile, but a certain basic inventory can always be found in them: a bed, a chair, a table and of course a variety of toys. The latter also includes the play mat. As part of her intermediate diploma work, Karina Renten deals with just that and reinterprets the play mat. The result was "playground", a mixture of play mat and blanket. Unlike a traditional blanket or mat, "playground" can be moulded in all directions and retains that shape until you choose another one. It is intended to encourage children to think up stories and to experience new adventures through the countless possible forms or to quickly build a small retreat.
In addition to the large connected variant, there is also a version that consists of individual patches, which can be freely connected with zippers. "Playground" offers children the opportunity to shape their own imagined world and to change it at will, without influencing play through given forms or printed motifs.