In cooperation with the city archive, Florian Knöbl, Bruno Jacoby, Mona Mayer and Miki Feller created the exhibition “Move! 1968 & the Consequences in Karlsruhe,” which hoaned in on the 1968 years and the emergence of the new social movements in Karlsruhe. The exhibition was on view from April 27 to October 14, 2018 in the in the Prinz-Max-Palais state museum.
The first part of the exhibition gave an introduction to the events of 1968 and an overview of the following new social movements in Karlsruhe. The second part consisted of a viewing room and a library, which provided in-depth material on the respective movements. For the first part, which dealt with the exhibition thematically, a large part of the exhibits (including posters, photographs and leaflets in particular) were reproduced and placed on the walls in order to prevent current movements from being historicized through the conventional use of print media. In addition, three elongated chairs were designed, which acted as a bench on one side and platforms on the other. While the side with the bench faced the wall, the platforms in the middle formed a discussion room as potential use for guided tours. In addition to the exhibition display, students also designed the posters and flyers for the exhibition. Her typography is based on the aesthetics of handwritten protest banners from the past 50 years. A strong, local reference was upheld by depicting relevant locations that appeared on the poster, on the stickers and in the flyer on a map.

Tutors: Prof. Rebecca Stephany, Prof. Andreas Müller, Anton Stuckardt