The Bicycle Kitchen (Fahrradküche, FK for short), was created in answer to the seminar RIGHT TO THE CITY with Johan Hartle and Andreas Müller. Investigating the city raised sociopolitical questions and thoughts on topics such as capitalism, the public sphere, property, lifestyle, space and co-creation. These walks were accompanied by various texts, such as Henri Lefebvre's, re-viewed in a contemporary context within the city.
FK is not an object in itself, rather it only becomes accessible at the point of use. The type and the place of use thus significantly re-defines the respectively pursued intension each time.
THE EXHIBITION LOCATION becomes more visible during the stay, experienced through wandering glances - by using it, appropriating it, delicately occupying it, and by affecting it. The place affects.
INDIRECT ATTENTION to the environment, on public margins. On movements and repressions. In an attempt to find rules, to feel their way along them. Finding gray areas to stay within the legal position - or deliberately outside of them.
TABLE COMMUNITY renders food as a communicative, passionate act. The wholesomeness of the food forms the vehicle for discussions and outlooks. The table community deliberately consists of invited and passing guests and thus remains open for unforeseen events. Food is available for an open contribution to expenses where FK acts as host and not service.
RECOVERY of leftovers or surplus are increasingly part of the concept, where FK, for example, connects producers, retailers and institutions for food-sharing.

In response to the seminar "Recht auf Stadt" by Johan Hartle and Andreas Müller (Exhibition Design and Scenography/Media Philosophy, WS 2017/2018)

Tutor: Andreas Müller