A place in the park - surrounded by bushes, in front of a sports field, in the shadow of two skyscrapers. How does this place work as a location for the same people to meet? Why do they meet there? How do they occupy the space, and how do they behave in relation to the other park users? Questions like these formed the starting point for an observation that developed over the summer and became the subject of field research.
The place in question is an informal meeting point for a group of Romanian immigrants. Not just young people, but also children and adults meet there regularly. In an audio walk created by Hanna Franke, observations and conversations unfold the story of an encounter that moves between reality and fiction. A woman's voice loosely leads the participant through the park over headphones, telling a story that could have actually happened there. The story overlaps with one’s own perception and produces a new narrative that questions the parallel existence of different groups in an urban space and one’s own role in this whole structure.

Audiowalk narrated by Louisa Raspé.

Tutors: Prof. Anja Dorn, Prof. Andreas Müller, Prof. Rebecca Stephany