Life’s a Pitch by the artist duo kuonquinte is a work about the company pitch, a familiar format in the business world.

To allow the rapid growth of a business concept, large investors and the ministry must be persuaded. Time is money, however, so the practice goes that a few minutes must suffice to convince potential investors of their own visions. In addition to the tight window of time, one should keep to the correct language use and the correct economic terms used by successful startups. The visitors decide at the end of the pitch, whether the innovative concept put forward to the public by the firm artymaniac is worthy of funding.

The installation covered many areas.
After the film intro, visitors were to get cozy in a life-size projection pitch presentation at the scene, equipped with a rating sheet. Afterwards, they could enjoy the “After Art School” at the exhibition stand presented in the pitch and pick up a classic merchandise pack with a number of flyers, stickers and lighters.
Another video work in the ladies' toilets provided insights into the abyss of the supposedly flawless global company.

About artymaniac:
artymaniac is a fictive global concern founded by art researchers Elisabeth Kuon and Norina Quinte in 2015. For kuonquinte, artymaniac serves as a platform on which they critically examine facts based on theoretical questions and own experiences in the art and recently startup world and translate them into artistic practice.
Past projects and press reviews on artymaniac as well as CVs of the two artistic characters 'Superba von Kuon' and 'Maxima von Quinte' can be viewed at

Link to documentation: Vimeo

Tutors: Anja Dorn, Andreas Müller