aspect-ratio 10x9

© Laurine Haller & Sun Young Oh

Laurine Haller and Sun Young Oh produced the HfG Communication Design graduate show in an organ factory in Durlach in the summer semester of 2018. They borrowed from the architecture of the factory and related the contrast between the raw inside and the robust outside to the graduates: Outwardly open to the free world, now at their feet, but inside, students may still be a little overwhelmed.
In their own interpretation of the location, Haller and Oh incorporated the formal contrasts of the building and assembled them into new compositions. In this way, several atmospheric images were created. By superimposing and enlarging or reducing the formal elements, the composition reflected the vastness of the organ factory. The font was hand drawn by Sun Young Oh and based on existing formal language. Working out a common denominator between the organ factory and HfG Karlsruhe was of great importance to the two students.
Excerpts from their banner were used to create two posters, which in turn were used as additional excerpts to create a stamp and the invitation card. The banner shows the development of a student up to and including the time afterwards.