Particle physics continues to penetrate the structure of our world. In 2012, CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, celebrated proof of the Higgs boson: the explanation for the rest mass of all elementary particles. However, this world is invisible to the naked eye. It is all the more interesting to imagine such a world – a fiction.
C-E-R-N is thus an interactive science fiction story. A scientist is catapulted into the world of elementary particles, where he faces his own idea of this world. All the pieces of this project were produced specifically for this purpose: illustration, layout, code, writing, music and text. Both the ideas and the information came from an interview with the particle physicist Roger Wolf who openly and with great imagination described his ideas and thus laid the foundation of the story. Ideas and enactments from the science-fiction context were analyzed, reinterpreted and woven in.

Tutors: Ivan Weiss, Michael Kryenbühl, Sereina Rothenberger