In Henrik Schrat's "Visual Narration" seminar, students dealt with maps, hidden objects, organization charts and comics. In small exercises, they looked at themes in search for their own projects.
Karla Kniep developed her final project with the help of the book Hector and the Search for Happiness by Francois Lelord. In this book, psychiatrist Hector goes on a quest with two good friends to find an old friend. During the adventure, he is constantly dependent on the help of old friends, thinks about friendship in different situations and notes his observations in short sentences.
For each of these theses, Karla Kniep created a comic strip in brown ink. This resulted in eighteen comic booklets with sentences such as, “A true friend grieves your misfortune just as your happiness delights,” or “A friend is someone who prevents you from going too far.” Karla Kniep interprets each of these sentences on six pages and links them with her own experiences. The hand-bound comics were exhibited in the winter semester of 2017 as part of the presentation day.

18 comics, ink drawings

Produced within the seminar “Visual Narration”

Tutor: Henrik Schrat