Welcome to NoFoundry!

NoFoundry is a project developed by HfG Karlsruhe students discussing concepts of contemporary font publication. Under the direction of Professor Michael Kryenbühl and Ivan Weiss, a platform for the distribution and exchange of student typefaces was created.

The aim was to bring cross-university attention to student works outside of established circles. In an attempt to build a network of young type designers, the platform offers the possibility to show and sell fonts, buy fonts from other students or to get in touch with other designers.

NoFoundry offers students the opportunity to sell their fonts without the waiver of any rights. They decide for themselves how much they want to charge for their font and they can keep 100% of the earnings. On can also upload early versions of fonts, inspirational drawings, pictures and scribbles. NoFoundry presents all its fonts, drawings, ideas and inspirations on a map. Once uploaded, every font obtains its own coordinates on the map so that it can be rediscovered at any time or shared with others.


Tutors: Ivan Weiss, Michael Kryenbühl