The video piece AltNews was created in dealing with an online game called AltSpace. In AltSpace you can meet and get to know people from all over the world through a VR headset. In various places and in different worlds you can play basketball, go to the cinema and even participate in various events such as meditation classes, language courses, Christmas parties, services, concerts, poetry slams and many other activities. The players move around in the body of one of the eleven avatars selected at the beginning of the game. VR glasses, sound, and controllers help to make an almost real encounter possible.

How close does this come to a real encounter? Could it replace an encounter in reality?
Perhaps virtual spaces could make spatial distance irrelevant in the future.

The popularity of games like AltSpace is increasing, but everyday life in the virtual world has not found any link to the real world. This will be possible for the first time with AltTV. AltTV sends live transmissions from the different AltSpace worlds and from events that take place there. In addition, correspondents and newsreaders report events from the recent past directly from AltSpace. This is the first time AltSpace and reality has been bridged with the goal of informing and bringing the two worlds closer together.
For the release of the TV station, a supplement was placed in the TV newspaper. In addition to AltTV, the magazine also includes an interview with a member of the VR Playspace staff in Karlsruhe, who talks about his experiences with players and his own opinions on AltSpace.

Tutors: Johnson/Kingston