Wektor is an open source program allowing work with vector graphics in the browser. The aim is not to develop a free alternative version to a commercial vector graphic program like Adobe Illustrator, but rather to deliberately rebuild the program through a more intuitive user interface and focus on the ease with which it can be extended. The program is not limited in its functions – with a few clicks, new tools can be added from an ever-growing archive as needed. You can also program your own functions in the built-in script editor and share them with others through the tool archive.
The user interface is minimal and designed to save space. Detailed options only appear on demand and disappear again, unless it is explicitly pinned to the desktop. This always allows enough space, yet it can temporarily create more complex menus, tailored to the situation.
In order to find easier access to the initially unusual user interface, a small creature on the bottom right of the screen will give you tips at the right moments.
Wektor is based on the Javascript library paper.js developed by Jürg Lehni and Jonathan Puckey. With paper.js it is possible to program vector graphics but a user interface allowing manual intervention is missing. Wektor aims to close this gap and to make the full potential of paper.js accessible. Many thanks go to Jürg Lehni whose answers to my many questions have contributed significantly to Wektor. The program is currently being revised again before it goes online as a beta version.

Arno Schlipf studies communicaton design. He often uses open source software in developing his own graphical tools.

Tutors: Sereina Rothenberger, Ivan Weiss, Michael Kryenbühl