“Today, the world has exploded into the virtual space that knows a limit, a space of possibilities that is constantly being reconstituted. The world has no limit, because humans as expansive beings in their story, continued to expand the respective limits of the world - that is, the limits of what was perceptible or imaginable as the world. Today, the world belongs to the virtual space superimposed with the physical. Virtual worlds are spaces conceived or created by people. Even the conditions that govern this expansion are man-made. A world that is constantly changing can be designed.”

– Friedrich von Borries in Weltentwerfen

In her intermediate diploma project, White Noise – A Speculative Sketch of the New City, Kathrin Rüll tells a future city fiction in the form of a publication and an audio-visual work through fragmented text and image. The consequences of climate change and the development of virtual space provide an impetus to how life in the city could look, sound, and be constructed. In doing so, existing utopias and thoughts on urban development are touched on, reworked and further developed in her own utopia.

The audio-visual work offers the viewer the opportunity to move through a 360degree video in the 3D animated city. It is recommended to watch the video with a mobile device with a gyroscope sensor and good headphones.

Link to video on YouTube

Tutors: Prof. Sereina Rothenberger, Prof. Ivan Weiss, Prof. Michael Kryenbühl