In the middle of Lanzarote's barren hills, there is a supermarket, blurry in the hot haze. The windowless walls of the square building are covered with pictures of juicy fruit, plump with water. Water is a rare commodity on the volcanic island. Every liter of water in the pool is expensive and energy-intensive in their use of desalination plants that run on petroleum, as well as the large cargo ships that transport vegetables, fruit and fresh spring water to the island every day.
The dromedary, originally brought to Lanzarote as a farm animal, serves the pleasure of vacationers who relax after a ride through the barren landscape by the pool. People have long forgotten their sophisticated methods of water storage and collection and look forward to the new prosperity from the tourism industry; its downside being the CO2 emissions per capita which is three times higher than the Spanish average.

Joint exhibition and publication by Philip Lawall and Alexander Theis

Tutors: Susanne Kriemann, Razvan Radulescu, Ludger Pfanz