Home is a place where one is secure and cared for. A place where people can share their happiness and sadness and create memories and bonds with others. One remembers sounds, smells and feelings when thinking about a future or former home. What happens, if these memories fade away? Fragments takes the player on a journey through the process of self-discovery and remembering.
“Is Hobbes still nibbling on the palm? The thing looks like it's been though a shredder.”

Programmed in Unity

Developed at the Global Game Jam at HfG Karlsruhe

Gregor Belogour – Story, 2D
Martin Buntz – Sound, Music
Sebastian Finzenhagen – 3D
Kay Fleck – 3D
Felix Kalka – Story, 2D
Martin Nerurkar – Programming
Tibor Pilz – Sound, Music
Waldemar Tomme – Programming