In April 2017, Philip Lawall was away for a month. He visited people who were (and still are) close to him at the time. The journey, on which he originally wanted to think about what his intermediate diploma project would entail, slowly turned out to be just that.
He portrays photographically - without knowing it first - the everyday life and the lives of people who interest him. First a friend, Luca, who is studying in Paris and with whom he lives for a while. They tour the city, they go to museums, they go to dance, they study for university, he goes to a park, then to the cinema. Philip later leaves Paris and continues to Dortmund, where his brother lives and works. There is not much left of the original photographic documentation of his work at the theater, where the largest opera production of the house is currently starting - in fact, nothing. The focus shifts, his mother comes to visit, and here too a portrait emerges of the people he surrounds himself with. You meet for dinner, talk about the future, about work, parents’ vacation, money or a new joke.

Joint exhibition and publication by Philip Lawall and Alexander Theis

Tutors: Susanne Kriemann, Razvan Radulescu, Ludger Pfanz