Ali Gharib describes Pipiism as “a rhizomatic network of absurd exaggeration in all directions.” Similar to Dadaism (1917-23), Pipiism cannot be defined and is understood as an attitude and thus fits into a tradition of unconventional art movements such as the Beat-Generation or Fluxus.
Ali Gharib's works are flashy, colorful, loud - often with an ironic twist. They like to play tricks on facial expressions by lulling us in, and we grimace out of surprise, disgust, amusement.
Across various media, Gharib shows everything that gives his ideas their appropriate form. In addition to sculpture, ready-mades, installation and graphics, he also manifests his thoughts digitally: on his website, in addition to found footage and his own videos, you can find an invitation to the visitor in a call for participation:

Ali Gharib, born 1978 in Freiburg in Breisgau. After successfully completing his studies in 2010 in teaching (art, textile design, and German), he began his second studies in the winter semester of the same year in media art at HfG, concluding his diploma in March 2018 with the project Pipiismus.
As well as solo exhibitions such as “Disposition” at Galerie Edith, Cologne, 2010, or “Somewhere over the Rainbow” in the loser project, Berlin 2012, Ali Gharib has participated in various group shows “Performing the Image by Isaac Julien,” Loop Art-Fair, Barcelona 2013, “EXILE,” Parallax, Prag, 2014 as well as “Le_Trou,” the loser project, Berlin, 2014, amongst others. Performances in “Tale of Love,” HfG, 2012 and “Disco Aujourd'hui,” ZKM, 2016.
He was nominated in 2015 for the prize “Kunststudentinnen und Kunststudenten stellen aus” by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research.