“Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin'
Into the future
Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin'
Into the future”

In the "News from Nowhere" seminar, nine students from the fields of product design, communication design and media art developed work on the future of a newborn child. The project started in April 2017 with a twenty-four hour stay in the "Evoluon," a UFO-like building in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, accompanied by curator Jules van den Langenberg, designer Katharina Wahl and Michou-Nanon de Bruijn with their newly born daughter Rhoda. The participants were invited to develop a scenario for each future decade in the child's life. The prototypes, films, texts, products and objects created in the course of the summer semester 2017, based on the child's stages of life (0-10 years, 10-20 years, 20-30 years, etc.), were sealed in a time capsule and handed over to the child at the beginning of each phase. Rhoda will receive the last gift in 2107 at the latest.
At a ceremony for St. Nicholas’ Day 2017 in the atrium of the HfG Karlsruhe, the students loaded a metal container with their work and sent it to Christian Lohmann (Board of Directors of the Association of German Self Storage Companies eV) and Marc Gersin (Regional Manager Myplace/SelfStorage Dein Lagerraum GmbH) and officially handed it over for almost 100 years custody. For this purpose, mother and child traveled from the Netherlands and witnessed the handover.

Tutors: Katharina Wahl, Jules van den Langenberg