Whether space, image, text, object or system – design is always also communication. Against the backdrop of increasing radicalization, segmentation and polarization of social discourses, the relationship between design and communication seems more volatile today than ever. New communication media, channels, spaces and systems are constantly emerging. Machines, objects, even entire environments become independent actors that communicate with us and interact on various media levels. How can we sound out the contexts, the conditions that lead to possibility and the interdependencies of impact with regard to designed communication? What concepts are needed to conceptualize the relationship between design and communication from a present-day point of view?

Participating students:
Diane Hillebrand, Vera Gärtner, Lena Haselmann, Catharina Grözinger, Miki Feller, Louisa Raspé, Leia Walz, Jaya Demmer, Theresa Rössler

Prof. Andreas Müller

Winter semester 2018

Light atrium HfG