Saturday Type Fever was initiated by as a typography marathon. Students from all over Europe came together and worked for 30 hours on their own typefaces. The spatial concept of the typing marathon is taken up by the grid structure of the NoFoundry website, also serving as an exchange platform for typeface development. Uploaded typefaces are placed on a map on an infinite grid and given a co-ordinate, so that no hierarchy can emerge. Every time the page is reloaded, the visitor finds themselves at a different co-ordinate and another typeface is visible on the surface. The translation of the grid into the light atrium of the HfG Karlsruhe forms the basis for the scenography. Starting with a uniform total area, the space is divided into different places for various programme points during the 30 hours. Moments of spatial concentration for workshops and talks can therefore emerge, as well as the flow between workstations and places for exchange and quiet. The grid as guiding and connecting element appears on the floor, so that the space works as a whole. In collaboration with product- and communication design students, typeface forms were created, designed and constructed as group tables for the space. Here, the grid is the construction base. At the same time, the quadratic form of the grid can be found in the furniture elements and in the space.

Participating students:
Leia Walz, Jaya Demmer, Jannik Lang, Sören Göbel

Winter semester 2018/19

Light atrium HfG Karlsruhe