The Conflict is an intermediate diploma project dealing with the topic of regulations and norms in architecture, triggered by my own confrontations with them.
In my project work, I raise questions such as; how do those who are allowed to decide actually come to their decisions, and how do these regulations shape our environment. I also try to explore questions of social values or the norm in general with my magazine - based on a case study in Stuttgart, my hometown. It revolves around an orange house on Alte Dorfstraße 45/45A in Stuttgart-Birkach.
An interview reveals two points of view: that of the citizen and that of the monument conservationist. Factors of overriding influence supplement the interview with own observations on society, law, existing differences and future perspectives. They are complemented with global examples on a larger scale in order to widen the view to the outside somewhat.

With my project I take the position of an observer or walker who shows a citizen the position of the country, the city or the monument conservationist. The conservationist, the conservative slow element, stands for preserving history, the citizen, the progressive fast element, for progress.
My project critiques both sides.
A critique of the regulatory policies and economic forces that define, limit and control our freedom as citizens.
But a critique also of our society, which far too seldom ventures out of its comfort zone or risks new things.

Magazine dimensions: 38,5 (b) cm x 26,0 (h) cm, which corresponds to one brick width across and two brick heights long.

Supervision: Prof. James Langdon, Prof. Ivan Weiss and Prof. Michi Kryenbühl