On January 11 and 12, 2019, NoFoundry hosted the typography marathon "Saturday Type Fever". Around 80 students and type designers from numerous schools in Germany, Belgium, Estonia, France, Switzerland, and the Netherlands gathered at HfG Karlsruhe to work side-by-side for 30 hours on their unfinished typefaces or one-day type projects. The event also aimed to connect type designers from different universities and create a lively exchange.

The marathon kicked off with five one-hour analog workshops led by students from the HfG Karlsruhe, in which they playfully experimented with type. The free working time that followed was supplemented by short talks by experienced or student type designers who showed insight into their working methods and approach to type. The talk guests - Johnson/Kingston and Reto Moser, Charlotte Rohde and Tatjana Stürmer, Jérémy Landes, Simon Knebl, Riefka El Habachi, Massimiliano Audretsch, Catharina Hirsch and Severin Geißler - were then available for personal feedback and discussion.

In addition to working on their own writings, each group table regularly produced a joint process zine documenting the status of all participants' writings. These were presented after the countdown to give the participants the opportunity to discuss their processes and results.

Event in the context of NoFoundry, supported by the KD department, AstA and the Rectorate.

Participating departments: KD, PD, and ADSZ

Participating students:
KD: Leonie Lude, Tatjana Pfeiffer, Isabel Motz, Nina Overkott, Sven Krahl, Janosch Kratz, Timothée Charon, Moritz Schottmüller, Jonathan Blaschke, Calvin Kudufia, Moritz Simon, Adrian Dickhoff
ADSZ: Jaya Demmer, Leia Walz
PD: Sören Göbel, Jannik Lang