If U are ok I am ok is an intermediate Diploma project that stages the concept and intimacy of care – looking after yourself as well as others. Warsaw`s LGBTQ+ scene and urban views were fragmentally portrayed by the author.
The exhibition included video, sound and research works as well as photography. The exhibition was created in cooperation with Christina Scheib (ADSZ department).

Caring is a very vulnerable and fragile, often invisible notion. It invokes concepts of intimacy, closeness and communication with others. Care embodies the essence of personal disclosure. Building a relationship requires mutual energy and honesty in order to find yourself settled in an identity of the other, without losing your own identity at the same time. Care symbolizes the desire to take care of the other person and their body. Care is prioritizing the relationship, and taking care of the future. Care is providing a sacred space where we can be ourselves. Caring for someone is as important as caring about future significant matters. Care is that one element of love, next to passion and commitment, which describes other dimensions such as respect, comprehension and sympathy. Care is often expressed through showing affection such as physical touch and can be a barometer of relationships. However it is only the everyday events that construct the texture of care and on a longer term it could bring about a slow and deeper social change.

Supervision: Susanne Kriemann, Anja Dorn, Joao Tabarra and associate Hanne König