"Blaue Stunde" is a spatial sketch. A collection of thoughts. A design in which chance, the lighting conditions of the exhibition space, the wind and the movement of the visitors play an important role.

What hierarchies and systems are inherent in public space? How does its construction and design influence the behavior of the people who move through it?

Much of our public space functions through hyper-specific or functional spatial structures (train stations, sidewalks, traffic lights, pipes, parks, benches, etc.) that are designed to serve only one specific purpose and that demand a very specific behavior or use - anything that goes beyond these rules is socially considered "wrong." These structures are the result of the functionalism of modern society: the pressure to always be as fast as possible, as efficient as possible. It is a constant increase, which is not designed to be adhered to or to pause.

Through drawing, photographs and observations, Lena Breitmoser tries to approach these spaces/systems and to recognize their imposed meaning and purpose, to counteract it and to find a new playful, completely non-purposeful approach for the places. She created imaginary interventions in the urban space - sometimes larger, sometimes smaller. The results of this 2D research process, their graphic properties and qualities, were transferred to real space and materials in the next step. Here, the goal was to make the personal imagination walkable and thus experienceable for others. She translated her drawings into a new spatial system: an installation of bent tubes, transparent and translucent fabric panels and plexiglass panes, which - depending on the angle of view and movement of the visitors - constantly changed. The result was a play between different levels of scenes and objects from everyday life, which constantly overlapped, condensed and detached from each other, creating new spaces and contexts.

Thanks to: Kerstin Bühring, Constanze Fischbeck, Hannah Hugger, Alex Knoppik, Matthias Mai, Lea Nohr, Thomas Rustemeyer, Sebastian Schäfer und Susanne Schmitt

Supervision: Constanze Fischbeck, Thomas Rustemeyer