From July 3 to August 8, 2021, the German-French touring exhibition "Frugalité Créative - Weniger ist Genug" made a guest appearance at the HfG. It deals with the topic of sustainability in architecture and focuses on exemplary projects from France and German-speaking countries. The exhibition calls for an economical, frugal but at the same time cheerful and creative use of our planet's resources.

At the Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe, the exhibition has been expanded to include projects and perspectives by HfG students. The projects are independent works of the students, which were created in seminars, workshops or as diploma projects. Furthermore, there was a project presentation of the seminar "How to need less", which was led by Viviane Stappmanns.

Students involved in the seminar: Elisabeth Bayerl, Amelie Enders, Lasse Peters, Juhee Han, Isabella Münnich, Lara Landbrecht, Christian Platz, Pierre-Eric Baumann, Tiffany Justine Erndwein

Participants of the exhibition: Elisabeth Bayerl, Bio-Sensorium-Team (Rita Andrulyte, Giulia Bertolino, Bianka Doba, Hajo Eickbusch, Claudia Iglesis, Alba Rastl, Sebastian Schillbach, Lynn Sullivan, Rui Zhang, Xinyi Zhao, Johannes Bauer, Kira Fuchs, Hannah Gebert, Silvie Wipfler, Pauline Kuch) BioDesignLab-Team (Julia Ihls, Marco Cagnoni, Anthea Oestreicher, Ina Grabosch) Amelie Enders, Nicolas Brunotte, Tiffany Erndwein, Julia Ihls, Sascha Jungbauer, Lara Landbrecht, Helene Lauppe, Lasse Peters, Severin Geißler und Kathrin Rüll, Leia Walz, Ina Grabosch, Team Sustainable Photography (Julia Ihls, Pierre Eric Baumann, Josephine Gerhardt, Minhee Oh, Flora Güldenpfennig, Hannah Maria Ismène Gebert, Anthea Oestreicher, Isabella Leitz), Isabella Münnich, Lale Ortak, Corinne Riepert, Marcus Schilling, Moritz Schneider, Dario Schmid, Janis Zeckai

Supervision: Thomas Rustemeyer