“vertrag xy” is the result of a collaboration between Hanna Franke and Josefine Scheu. By appropriating the concept of contracts as a speculative tool, Hanna and Josefine discuss their desires and demands for collaborative labor relations as fellow students and friends.

“vertrag xy” focuses on the subversive potential that these relationships can hold. It is about including work that is invisible, or that is not thought about. Specifically reproductive and unpaid care work which in feminist contexts is usually grasped under the term care.

Hanna and Josefine ask themselves and each other how they want to work together, what their agencies are, and how they can build empowering strategies for their collective practice.

1st Edition | 18 Copies | 14 Pages | Riso Print | 2022

"vertrag xy" is a free project by Hanna Franke and Josefine Scheu. The work was supervised by Hanne König.

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