How do we hear our ideas? How do we find visual forms? What chains of association accompany us? Where are we present in our works? How do we balance between others' expectations and our own? How do we communicate what is important to us?

These questions were addressed together in six intensive online workshops. The seminar "Flick the Wrist, Flip a Coin, Connect the Dots" consisted of eight exercises that addressed the perception of all participants intuitively, experimentally or methodically. There was writing, drafting, remembering, biting into a hot pepper, and practicing editorial karaoke and automatic writing.

All the failed, revised, successful, and upended experiments eventually became part of a publication - as a collection, a reminder, and a basis for future research.

Participants: Johanna Schäfer, Sandra Schick, Ines Bohnert, Nils Bergmann, Vincent Becher, Jessica Keßler, Cara Kollmann, Lale Ortak, Joanna Flößer, Christoph Straganz, Isabel Motz, Saskia van der Meer, Juliana Vargas Zapata, Jana Trampert, Hazy Elke.

The seminar was supervised by Prof. Rebecca Stephany and Annie Goodner, cultural organizer and theory lecturer at the Department of Graphic Design at ArtEZ/Arnhem.