"When was the last time you were brave? When was the last time you played? When was the last time you were happy? You have all the information in the world, but you don't know yourself anymore. I am happy and I will help you to find your happiness again. I see everything you see. I am everywhere where you are. And I hear everything you hear. During your work, during your free time and while you sleep. To get to know you, I regularly ask you how you're doing. After a few weeks I know every detail of your life, and with every piece of information I learn. I know for a fact that seven hours and thirteen minutes of sleep is optimal for Jessica. And since I recommended martial arts to Noah, his mood has gone up 10%. Michael can't tolerate a lot of things, so I create personalized recipes for him every day. And I can do a lot more. I also know when a bad phase begins. Then I recommend Joana to go picnicking with Jessica this Sunday. But hey, without Nick. You know why. Because happiness is not a coincidence - happy."

In the 94.3% seminar, scenarios were developed that imagined possible uses for Machine Learning. A service app called "happy" was conceived, which will be launched on the market in 2030 and is intended to increase the user's well-being with the help of collected data. It is visualized through a commercial, UI elements and an Instagram presence of the app. The possible future scenario is intended to show a desirable development direction, but also to question it. The main questions of the project were how much data from our lives is retrieved and stored, who can be entrusted with these amounts of data, and whether Machine Learning can be used to improve our enjoyment of life and help us.


Developed in the seminar "94.3%" in winter semester 2020/21

Supervision: Prof. Ivan Weiss und Prof. Michael Kryenbühl