In times of Smartphones, GoPros and countless platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok, the way war is depicted has changed fundamentally. And everyone is filming - soldiers, journalists, civilians, war zone tourists. The lines between propaganda and self-representation are becoming more and more blurred. By working exclusively with publicly available video footage from YouTube, the filmmakers shed light on the three narrators of the Modern War: the first-person voice of the soldier, the journalists trying to play the role of an omniscient narrator, and the self-centered subjective voice of vloggers. A portrait of the absurd global theater of war, and its depiction through GoPro, TV, and VLOGs.

70 minutes documentary film

Director: Max Viktor Herbert Editor & Co-Author: Marie Falke Production: Filmwerk Kalliope Producer: Sophia Schiller

Supervision: Ludger Pfanz