Three young cinema enthusiasts go on a road trip and visit different cinemas to save old, analog technology. In the process, the very own and soon forgotten stories of the cinema operators from that time come to light again. The result is a special snapshot of cinema, ten years after digitalization, in the middle of a pandemic, with many stories from the "good old days" and yet not just nostalgia. With the worries about the uncertain future of cinema, but also the confidence of many passionately active cinema people. And also a portrait of three anachronistic young people who, in the year 2020, are still completely burning for the long-dead analog cinema and therefore, against all the spirit of the times, are bringing the old back to life.

The title "This is not the End" alludes to the core idea: Analog cinema is not completely finished as long as there are still people who continue to deal with it, not only conserve it but continue to use it.

Documentary by Jason Stewart With Philip Lawall & Luca Exner

114min, color, format 2,35:1, digital

Supervision: Joao Tabarra, Ludger Pfanz