"To Cut A Long Story Short" is a parable of the inevitability and hopelessness of sentimental love.

The opera singer presents the success of her speed diet and gives helpful tips for follow-up problems. The reserved brunette meets the charismatic macho who tries to lure her out of the net of her insecurity. Their joint odyssey leads them to a deserted island, to a swimming pool at night and into a Dionysian bathroom. Too bad she's a fish who's afraid of the sea. The redheads meet on the dance floor and speak as if from the same mouth. Magic carries them away, but why, of all things, does the schizophrenic have to show up in the jungle? And then there is the night porter, who is secretly dancing in the hotel's staff toilet. He obviously has a crush on the pretty waitress from the diner around the corner, but while he's ogling her over the covers of his Camus novel, the stranger suddenly appears and everyone takes a different direction ...

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/553509249

Director: Minh Anh Nguyen Production: Kevin Beckmann camera: Joshua Ripplinger music: Eric Wehner production design: Jette Schwabe, Lina Determann, Kathrin Beckers Assistant director: Jonas Rehren Cast: Hannah Bröder, Nick Pasveer, Norhild Reinicke, Finnegan Godenschweger, Oscar Bloch, Jana Trampert, Irina Maier, Thorsten Rodenberg

40 HfG students involved, over 100 participants in total from Germany and Austria, funded by the 1st Call of the ZeitBildLab, funded by the city of Karlsruhe, funded by crowdfunding, funded by the AStA of the HfG, shot in Germany, France and Spain.

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