The exhibition "Ungeordnete Zustände" tells in different strands about the dissolution of the allotment gardens on Stuttgarter Straße in Karlsruhe.

Huts, gardens and paths were cleared, dismantled and carried away over the last years. At first it seemed as if the site would thin out and disappear, but then, undeterred, it grew back elsewhere in a different way. People, animals, and plants continually reappropriated the site. Leonie Mühlen observed these movements, documented them, and participated in them herself. Different value systems were indicated in the selecting and taking away: Some things were found to be precious or worthy of protection and taken along, some were given compensation or refuge, and some were simply thrown away. This selection of what was worth preserving is reminiscent of the logic of archival collecting - the filtration of the contents generates their history, as it were. The exhibition itself represents an archive of Stuttgarter Straße, which reacts to these hierarchies of values with subjectivity and casualness. The collection is an attempt to comprehend and conserve the place. Precisely this place in demolition, which in its disorder and disobedience was a refuge for many things and beings.

Supervision: Andreas Müller and Susanne Kriemann