The sounds and texts presented on the website are generated by so-called artificial intelligence. It is a conscious artistic decision to display all generated texts without any subsequent editing or filtering. For this reason, it may happen that the displayed statements are untrue. Furthermore, in some rare cases there may be offensive statements, there is no human intention behind them. uses unisound's implementation of the SampleRNN neural network model to capture and reproduce the essence of Peter Weibel's sound. For text generation, the German GPT-2 model of the Digital Library MDZ team of the Bavarian State Library was refined on Peter Weibel's Encyclopedia of Media using the huggingface transformators library following Philipp Schmid's tutorial.

A robot machine acts as a physical representation of in exhibition spaces and can be accessed via livestream.

In collaboration with Johannes Bechberger and Alexander Liebrich, produced in cooperation with ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe. The work will be shown in the exhibition BioMedien at ZKM Karlsruhe until 28.08.2022 and will then become part of the ZKM collection.

Supervision: Michael Bielicky and Peter Weibel