What kind of additions to CNC machines can we think of to rearrange materials like rope, clay, cork, leaves, bamboo strips, etc. to create new materials and objects? How can the CNC machine be adjusted so that it can unroll a rope, draw in clay, cast grains of sand, arrange tree leaves or extrude paper pulp? And what new objects and materials can come out of these processes?

The 5-day Workshop imagined ways of low-tech testing and experimenting to find new additions and gestures for the CNC machines at the HfG, to then combine natural matter with CNC techniques to create materials and objects.

Participating students: Lennart Blank, Zhen Bian, Amelie Poxleitner, Emanuel Spiecker, Lukas Dechau and Lukas Clark.

Supervison: Christophe Guberan, Chris Kabel and Tibor Weissmahr