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Within the framework of the course Queering Media Theory: Women in Computation III, we invited digital artist and scholar Hiba Ali for an online talk and a discussion. The event is open to all students of HfG Karlsruhe as well as to the public.

In the talk, Hiba Ali will share her research on Amazon’s dispossession of their warehouse workers’ racialized labour to intensify its use of surveillance locally and internationally. Ali will highlight the ways in which art and research can be used to support warehouse workers rights and fight for equity.

Hiba Ali is a digital artist, educator, scholar, DJ, experimental music producer and curator based across Chicago, IL, Austin, TX, and Toronto, ON. Her performances and videos concern surveillance, womxn of colour, and labour. In her practice, she does research on the ground, for example entering Amazon factories.

Link to the online event: (no prior registration required)
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