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18.01.2023/ 19:30/ Lichtbrücke
History writing began with the invention of writing as a form of recording, remembering and dating past events. Hence written material became the primary historical resource. Since the invention of printing, printed written material has become a serious medium for measuring time and sharing knowledge. In this sense we can consider the work of communication designers as one of shaping the flows of time and knowledge.

In the context of the five departments of HfG, the department of Communication Design seems to be one of the easiest to archive when it comes to its medium of production. But how does archiving communication design objects and events work in reality? What are the obstacles encountered when storing printed material? How can we deal with digital items and their endless conservation issues? Does the potentially large scale of production aid or destroy archival work?
In the seventh edition of Documenting the Moment, we will discuss design and archiving questions together with alumni Cécile Kobel and Damian Domes. The event will be followed by the launch party of the second edition of HfG’s Umbau Magazine.
Documenting the Moment is a panel series on alumni work and archiving questions, organized by HfG’s Open Resource Center, a project of building a digital archive platform and a culture of archiving.

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